Meet Our Team - Becht Pride Cleaning Services

Meet Our Team

   Our team is the biggest reason for our success. Every appointment has an experienced team lead on-site responsible for customer service, supervision, and quality control. Each crew member is trained with a process focused on being detail oriented while providing great customer service. We truly live by our motto. “We take pride in everything we do!”

   Our General Manager, Justin Niedermeier, joined our team in 2017.  Justin is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a Business Degree in Management and Economics.  Justin spent 10 years with Enterprise Rent a Car where he developed a passion for providing excellent customer service.   Most recently, he continued to hone his customer service skills as the Indiana Service Manager for a company within the healthcare industry.

   Becht Pride Cleaning Services is owned and operated by Ben and Tammy Becht. Ben is a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in accounting and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Ben has spent his entire career in the service industry and garnered a great appreciation for providing the customer with a great service for a reasonable price while providing outstanding customer service. Tammy has spent her entire career working in the banking industry. She also believes the core of all good companies’ centers around building strong relationships with your clients by providing outstanding customer service. Ben and Tammy have two children; Jacob and Taylor.

Office Team

Justin Niedermeier

General Manager



Jacob Loyd

Sales & Marketing Coordinator


Residential Cleaning Team

Sarah Negri

Training Supervisor

Melissa Berry

Field Supervisor

Tonya Fleenor


Kaylee Arney

Vacation Property Supervisor

Rachel Cobb

Cleaning Technician

Rachel Brown

Cleaning Technician

Jessica Cobb

Cleaning Technician

Samantha Schoonover


Sandra Osorio

Cleaning Technician

Amanda Brown

Cleaning Technician


Residential Services Team

Brad Butler

Residential Services Manager

Dave Fine


Loren Smerage

Team Lead

Chris Lapinski

Remodeling Technician

Noe Gamez

Remodeling Technician

Kane Meyers

Remodeling Technician

Abdiel Molina

Remodeling Technician

Commercial Services Team

Nadine Fish

Cleaning Technician