Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Looking for a handyman in Indianapolis / Metro area? We have been helping homeowners with home repair and light remodeling projects. Our friendly, insured and bonded artisans are scheduled to turn up on time, and are committed to complete customer satisfaction. Each of our handymen is experienced in home maintenance, product installations and a variety of home improvements. So next time you’re considering hiring a service professional for your home project, why not give us a call?

Becht Pride aims to provide you with the best handyman services. our professional handymen are insured, vetted, have passed criminal background checks and have been validated by references and experience. They can be trusted to get the job done right and will always follow the protocols and standards set out for any job. We provide a diverse range of general handyman and property maintenance services as well as large renovations.

At Becht Pride, we are equipped with all the tools and equipment we need to ensure quality and timely handyman services. Each of our handyman professionals is equipped with the experience to handle all of your repair needs.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand that you have a list of repairs that need to be fixed and it is our responsibility to help you fix each of those repairs. We will take the time and effort t exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

When you look around your home, how many small jobs are there that need completing yet never get started simply because they are small? The door that has been sticking for a while, the toilet that keeps on running, splintering deck boards, or some rot in the handrail. What about the ding in the drywall caused by the door handle when the wind caught the door?

To many people, these jobs build up over time and yet never seem quite important enough to take care of. You can be dissatisfied with the way the house is, yet who is going to miss their children’s activities because a board is loose on the deck? For working parents, the weekend should be time to share with the family, not spent doing more work!

At Becht Pride we put covers on interior surfaces to catch the mess; use tools with vacuum attachments so that the job is kept clean as we progress and clean the worksite before we leave. Our view is that when we leave, the only evidence of our being there are the improvements that we have completed.